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Does everyone in your office want Internet access at their desk? Are staff asking about logging onto the office network from home? Is it time to host your own web site? Does your office team need to share documents and a network printer?

If you think the answer to these questions is a big network server and an expensive IT staff (neither of which is in your budget), you need the NetWinder OfficeServer. The NetWinder will do everything a big office server does, except cost a lot. And it is designed for everyday people to install and operate, whether at home, or in a home office, small office or branch office.

Pay less!

This all-in-one small business solution delivers Internet access to everyone's desk; does e-mail, document and printer sharing, and it comes ready to host your web site - all in a compact package and at a price lower than you think. And it gets better. NetWinder is very easy to get along with. It knows how to talk UNIX, Mac and Windows, supports the software you use every day, and is dead simple to set up and operate.

Plug in!

OfficeServer is ready to run, right out of the box. Installation is no more challenging than adding another computer to the network.

Power up!

Despite its tiny size, NetWinder is a powerful workgroup server capable of supporting up to 100 users simultaneously. And it's economical. Power consumption is an ultra-low 15 watts.

Log on!

OfficeServer delivers the World Wide Web to everyone in your office with just one Internet connection and one IP address.

-web caching speeds up Internet access

-supports dial-up, cable or DSL modem, as well as ISDN

Compact or Rackmount?

Choose between the notebook-sized compact and the industrial-level rackmount, which accommodates up to 80 independent hot-swappable servers. Either way: you're getting big performance for an incredible price.

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