announces NetWinder certified by Linuxcare

Reinforces commitment to Linux and to the Linux development community

OTTAWA, CANADA - March 22, 2000 - Inc., a leading supplier of Linux® and UNIX enterprise solutions, today announced that the NetWinder product line has been certified by Linuxcare Labs, the first independent testing authority, administered by Linuxcare, Inc. , to inaugurate a comprehensive program for certifying hardware and software for use with the Linux operating system. Linuxcare Labs offers a vendor-neutral testing methodology that embraces open standards and prevents platform fragmentation.

"We are pleased to be able to announce that the NetWinder has been fully certified by Linuxcare," said Doug Mackbee, general manager of Linuxcare Labs.

"The NetWinder follows all of the standards for hardware systems utilizing the Linux operating system." The NetWinder product line includes the NetWinder OfficeServer, an Internet server appliance which provides small and medium-sized enterprises with full Internet and local area network support while offering interoperability, compatibility and exceptional ease of use and performance. Based on the StrongARM® RISC microprocessor and the Linux® operating system, the NetWinder OfficeServer is configured with a broad range of network services such as firewall/VPN, Web site hosting, Web access, file and printer sharing and e-mail.

"Successful testing by Linuxcare Labs certifies that all components of the NetWinder Office Server and NetWinder Developer exhibit full functionality under the Linux kernel and provide customers the assurance that these products are ready for Linux," said Mike Burrows, director of NetWinder global sales at "This certification is important as it reinforces our commitment to Linux and Linux developers who are selecting NetWinder as the hardware of choice for server applications they are developing."


Based in Ottawa, Canada, is a manufacturer and supplier of Linux-based NetWinder Internet server appliances and has been named one of Canada's fastest growing companies by Profit magazine. Available in either compact tabletop or industrial-strength rackmount formats, the NetWinder product line includes the NetWinder Developer and the NetWinder OfficeServer. Providing outstanding power, speed and flexibility, the NetWinder efficiently meets the development or Web serving needs of today's organizations. For more information, please visit our Web site at


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